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The Raptors of Arizona Series by Richard Sloan

Richard Sloan was a world-renowned wildlife illustrator specializing in raptors whose paintings have been featured in several nature publications and exhibited at numerous museums, galleries, and private collections. In the Spring of 1998, The University Of Arizona Press published the book “The Raptors Of Arizona“, a 220 page volume on the birds of prey of the Southwest, featuring 42 Sloan paintings. The hand-signed limited edition prints available for sale here are reproductions of Richard Sloan’s original paintings featured in the book. 
Each raptor print for sale here is a Limited Edition of 500, and each print is autographed and hand-numbered by the artist Richard Sloan. This trove of recently discovered lithographs was printed in 1993, and are in excellent like-new condition. The prints are four-color lithographs on archival paper, measuring 17″ wide by 21 3/4″ tall. Forty-two birds are featured: hawks, eagles, vultures, condors, falcons, kites, and owls are portrayed in their typical southwestern habitats. Prints may be purchased in complete sets or individually.

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Northern Goshawk

Northern Goshawk

This big raptor is mainly a resident of mountainside coniferous forests. It is fearless in defense of its nest and will boldly attack anyone who ventures too close. It has recently begun extending its range to the South and now breeds in small numbers in deciduous forests.

Price: $45.00

Excellent quality print to go with an outstanding piece of art!! Thank you!!