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Festival of the Cranes, Dec. 6-9, 2023

Celebrate the Return of the Cranes with us!

The Annual Festival of the Cranes is a celebration of the winter migration of the sandhill cranes to the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Avid birders from around the world flock to the Refuge to view the spectacular exhibit of fowl.

For peak viewing arrive at the Refuge thirty minutes before sunrise and witness the huge array of roosting birds set out for their day of foraging. Head back in the afternoon about thirty minutes before sunset to watch the birds return from their hard day of work.

In the meantime drive the Refuge’s tour loop for a closer look at the remaining animals on the scene and participate in one of the many events associated with the Festival. There are over 100 tours, workshops, socials and events so there is always something fun and interesting to do.

This year’s registration is being cared for by our partners at Corazon Events. Please call 505-890-4381 if you have any questions.

For festival information, registration, and event listing please see the website at: