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Flammulated Owl signed lithograph by Richard Sloan from The Raptors of Arizona


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17" wide by 21 3/4" high

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For sale is a “Flammulated Owl” signed lithograph from artist Richard Sloan. Each raptor print is a Limited Edition of 500, and each print is autographed and hand-numbered by the artist. This recently discovered collection of over 16,000 lithographs was printed in 1993 and the prints are in excellent, like-new condition (they have never been owned or displayed, only stored.) The prints are four-color lithographs on archival paper, measuring 17″ wide by 21 3/4″ tall. The print number (“x/500”) is in the lower left corner of the print, while Richard’s autographed signature is in the lower right corner.

Please note: the unique print number you receive will be different from the photo.

Title: Flammulated Owl

Slightly larger than a sparrow; similar to but smaller than a Western Screech-Owl, with small indistinct ear tufts, rufous edges on the facial disks, and dark eyes, rather than yellow. Grayish above, light below, with white and rust-colored markings. Sexes look similar, but the female is larger than male. As with other owls, during the breeding season the male Flammulated supplies food and protection, while the female is the chief nest-tender. Mice and similar prey are usually decapitated, the male feeding on the head, the female and young getting the softer body. Later the female leaves the nestlings and shares hunting duties with her mate.

Richard Sloan, who passed away in 2007, was a world-renowned wildlife illustrator specializing in raptors whose paintings have been featured in several nature publications and exhibited at numerous museums, galleries, and private collections. In the Spring of 1998, The University of Arizona Press published the book “The Raptors of Arizona“, a 220 page volume on the birds of prey of the Southwest, featuring 42 Sloan paintings. The hand signed limited edition print available for sale here is an authorized reproduction of Richard Sloan’s original paintings also featured in the book.